Tolaga Bay, North Island, New Zealand

Tolaga Bay, New Zealand

July 28, 2017

Situated along the North-East coast of New Zealand’s North Island, Tolaga Bay was once a thriving shipping port. Discovered by Captain James Cook in 1769 during his circumnavigation of New Zealand, the town saw great prosperity during the early 1800’s, primarily shipping commodities such as New Zealand Flax, and wool back to Europe. The town’s seclusion from others, and shallow crystal blue waters presented pioneers with the challenge of moving the goods out of the area when roads were not an option. With that came a 600 Meter wharf (The longest in NZ) running into the shallow waters, thus allowing freight to be directly loaded onto ships. 

Despite its bustling past Tolaga Bay nowadays remains home to small, quiet seaside village immersed in natural scenery, with few remnants of it’s past remaining. As a photographer I’ve always had a fascination with incorporating elements of depth and both symmetrical, and non-symmetrical features into my work. The wharf allowed each of these elements to work together coherently, resulting a composition reflective of my style and technique seen in much of my work today. 



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