Savannah & Atlanta, Diesel Locomotive, Savannah Georgia

Savannah & Atlanta...

July 28, 2017

Hi Friends. I wanted to share this quick story about one of our lovely customers and her emotional connection to a recent purchase. I photographed this beautiful picture (It really is) back in 2010 of an old Savannah & Atlanta diesel locomotive at the historic roundhouse in Savannah, Georgia. At the time I loved how the soft morning light illuminated the lettering perfectly (Its since been re-painted). I've always seen it as a cool photograph and have sold it a few times over both online and at art shows, but my most recent sale had a great story to tell... She ordered this photograph as a 24"x36" Stretched Canvas as a 1st Wedding Anniversary gift for her husband. He is from Savannah, she is from Atlanta, and they got married at the Savannah Roundhouse. How perfect is that! Lovely stories like this make this journey all the more worthwhile!!!


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