Roy Inks Bridge, Llano, Texas

An All American Summer in Llano, Texas

July 31, 2017

  Buried deep in the heart of Texas Hill country, Llano is a quintessential illustration of small town America; rich in architecture, immersed in natural beauty, and bursting at the seams with small town flair. In 1886 when Iron deposits were discovered in the nearby hills, Llano was poised become the ‘Pittsburgh of the West’. The subsequent boom created a town built for big ambitions. Sadly these dreams never came to fruition when it was determined that concentrations were too low to be commercially viable. As a result Llano turned to its traditional industries in farming, ranching and granite as a means for survival. It also became very popular with hunters and fisherman alike, with the region possessing some of the highest concentrations of game in all of Texas, and the rivers spawning large quantities of quality fish. 
  Ironically, these failed ambitions left behind an important snapshot of early 20th Century America for future generations. To wander Llano’s streets today it’s hard to forget you're not living in its glory days. Here on a humid summers afternoon where the spring-fed Llano River spills under the historic Roy Inks Bridge, I came across a group of teenagers daring each other to take the 12ft plunge from the spillway into the river below. I shot this composition at high speed not only to capture each of these daredevils in flight, but also as a reference to a town somewhat frozen in time. My fascination with lines is also evident in this piece. The curve of the spillway, ripples in the water, bridge and overhead power lines combined with the textures of the natural limestone, give the composition an intriguing, almost three dimensional quality. Be sure to checkout our store for this print and many more! 

Roy Inks Bridge, Llano Texas


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